Mitchell Baker
Chairperson, Mozilla Foundation
  And mostly what we try to do is make people comfortable so they can be productive.
About the Innovator

An early employee of Netscape, a pioneering web browser company, Baker was instrumental in the company's 1998 decision to release its source code to the public. In 2005, her efforts led to the release of the Firefox browser and other end-user products--and to facilitating development communities around them.

Why She Innovates

As a top legal counsel at Netscape, Baker changed an entire industry's mind-set when she authored the license that released the company’s source code to the public. As chair of the Mozilla Foundation, Baker has gone on to provide the world with a model of how "to create choice and innovation on the Internet by offering alternatives." Her efforts have shown that loose collectives of volunteers and enthusiasts can create industry-leading technology with virtually no commercial effort.

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Mitchell Baker

What does it take to steer a small, volunteer-run organization to success in a world of vastly larger, for-profit competitors? What role do policy decisions play in the ultimate success of a new and improved technology? In Mitchell Baker's account of the making and managing of Mozilla, passion, persistence and cool practicality all play a role.

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