Carroll Shelby
Automotive Designer
  If you'll give me $25,000, I'll build you a car that'll kick the hell out of the Corvettes.
About the Innovator

Retiring from auto racing for health reasons, Carroll Shelby turned his attention to designing and building high-performance automobiles. For the most part re-engineered and modified from models produced by other manufacturers, they are considered some of the most beautiful and successful performance cars ever made.

Why He Innovated

For more than a half century, Carroll Shelby had a significant impact on automobile racing and design. Using his salesmanship, organizational skills and technical expertise, he worked with larger companies to achieve his creative vision-project after project, year after year.

The Complete Interview from
Carroll Shelby

Get the ultimate insider's account of the different--and much more dangerous--world of racing in the 1950s and learn how Carroll's early career led to his decision to build his first car. Follow him through the excitement and challenge of creating a small, highly specialized company that demanded a high-degree of creative freedom no less than the continued support of major manufacturers to make its concepts a reality.

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